Writing with Low Motivation

Anonymous asked:  “I love to write, but my motivation is low. I also have trouble coming up with characters and plots. If you could please give some advice?” 

Low motivation is one of those things that can be really difficult to fight. Some people for that reason often really get drawn into events like NaNoWriMo (or it’s camp versions – July’s season by the way, starts today!) just so that you can get the chance to be writing and posting word count updates with a group of writers. 

The reason that events like this can work is because you have to set aside time daily to write. There’s no short cuts, no I’ll do it tomorrow – because tomorrow you’ll be way behind on your word count and you only have like 30 days. Setting aside time to write can be cathartic. I’ve been trying to leave time every day to do some writing, either at night, or if I can manage it, in the morning, at lunch, sometime when I actually have just a little bit of energy I can direct at my novel. 

Low motivation can also be low confidence in your writing. If you don’t believe you’re any good, you can quickly discount your ideas and shrug the whole thing off. Don’t let this be the case. Really, you’re the only one who can turn it around and have faith in your novel. Your opinion of it is the only one that matters. 

You can have people around you saying it’s great and still think it’s terrible and because of that, you won’t get anywhere with your writing. You can have people pointing out every thing that’s wrong about it, but if you believe it’s good, then you have a shot at making something of it. (Oh, and by the way, people who point out everything that’s wrong with your novel are either 1) huge jerks with nothing better to do, 2) actually trying to help you improve – in which case, they see your work’s potential too, or 3) jealous. Keep that in mind.) 

Setting aside time to write every day will help with the motivation too. Just so long as you are keeping busy, you’ll get back into the swing of writing and feel more attached to your project and ready to keep going. 

As for coming up with plots and characters, the best advice I can give is to start with writing prompts. I don’t know if you like to plan out a novel in advance or just like to start writing, but either way prompts will get ideas generated. Personally, I’m a fan of @deepwaterwritingprompts. They have a great collection of weird things to spur conflict and characters. 

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