Lizard’s WIP Channel

I guess this is just a little bit of an update. I mean, it’s no secret that I’m writing a novel and I’ve been able to work on it quite a bit with the writers of Tumblr group, WriteblrConnects (@writeblrconnections) started by @mcubed35

We meet up on Slack to encourage each other and talk openly about our project and our experiences writing. Really, I cannot say enough good things about this group. I have made so many great friends through Writeblr Connects and there really is a way about everyone that has from the beginning just been so welcoming. Our fantastic moderator too has been so kind as to hold write-ins. (Regularly on Wednesday evenings & Sunday nights!) 

Anyway, because I have had such great time with Writeblr Connects and really have grown to trust the writers involved, I have decided that that is where I’ll be hosting something of a live-stream Work in Progress channel for my in-the-works novel. 

On there, I’ll be posting bits and pieces of my novel along with notes, sketches, and really, a “behind the scenes” look into my actual writing process. I intend to include photographs, discussions about my on-going work and scenes (some of which may not be all that polished). Writing is a process after all. This channel will be a glimpse into mine. My novel currently is titled (though this is almost definitely going to change): “Dark Constellation.” 

This slack group really fantastic. My channel is only one of many upcoming channels where a number of other authors are sharing their live works-in-progress.  It’s available for all writers in Writeblr Connects. Please feel more than welcome to come check it out! 

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