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So, this is another fun series of posts called “Current Projects.” I don’t know who started it, but I’m happy to join in. Here writers and artists list all things they are working on at the moment, whether it be a novel, a mural, a gif set, whatever you’ve been moved to create.  

I was tagged by the lovely @byjillianmaria. Thank you for thinking of me! I loved getting the chance to hear about all of your upcoming projects. I won’t lie, I’m already a fan of your webcomic, Reversed Star and can’t wait for the official launch! I was also tagged by @brynwrites! Can’t say enough good things about Bryn! 🙂 Thank you and I’ve loved being able to follow your writing projects as much as I’ve been able to. 

I’m tagging @dancingdarkling, @theticklishpear,  @chanting-to-u@muffindragon227, and @boothewriter. I would love to hear more about all of your current works in progress, my apologies if you’re already been tagged. Anyone else who would like to join in and share an update on your work, feel welcome too, just be sure to tag me so I can read about it.  

So, I don’t know how many of you know this, but my current works in progress are relatively new. I’ve been writing a long time, but really any serious attempt at a novel with higher aspirations than a self-printed gift for a friend is kind of a new thing for me. I’ve been writing short stories for the past few years and have gotten a few published here and there. I wrote a full collection – which was pretty much complete as of last year, but since then, it’s been kind of a fresh start. Brand new writing. So, excuse me for the incredibly messy, idea-driven rambling that will ensue. Everything is highly in-the-works. 

Working Title: Dark Constellations 

Dark Constellations is the project that gets most of my time and energy. I absolutely hate this title, but it’s what I came up with for the moment and is most likely to change in the near future. It’s a bit of a mystery but I feel it’ll probably be somewhere between literary and upmarket just depending on how revisions go, what can be kept, what can’t and so on. It likely will lean towards quirky fiction, just knowing me. 

The concept was inspired by doppelgänger folklore. The story is about the murder of a teenaged girl out in a New Jersey swamp on a late-summer night and how years later, a seemingly unrelated disappearance of another local girl offers clues about the truth behind what had happened. 

Working Title: Sleepless 

Sleepless is another definitely-will-be-changed title, but it works for now. It’s a YA/NA High Fantasy novel that imagines a world where culture revolves around sleep. It’s set in an alternative modern-day where people live and die by how they balance their caffeine and sleep aids. I work on this whenever I’m frustrated with my other projects. It’s what I write when I don’t want to be writing anything else. 

Collaborations & Co-Writes

I’m also collaborating and co-writing a few different things with friends. Those I keep pretty much on the DL if only to respect the privacy of my co-authors. 🙂 

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