First or Third Person?

Anonymous asked: “Is it possible to achieve a high level of intimacy and connection with a main character through third person? The main character’s personal growth and inner turmoil had a lot to do with the plot, but I’d like to change it to 3rd person because I’m a bigger fan of that style.”

I think when writers say you can’t achieve a high level of intimacy with a character in third person, they probably haven’t read enough in third person. Honestly, there are so many characters I love and truly connect with and they are in books written in third person, a close third person, but still third person. 

I recommend trying to take the draft you have so far and slowly begin trying to change “I” to the name of the character. You’ll likely have to change much less than you think for logic to work. It’d be a close third person, but it should pretty much be able to preserve the intimacy between the reader and the character. 

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