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Anonymous asked: “I think ur blog is gr8! And I was wondering if u would have any recommendations for other blogs like urs??”

First off, you’re too sweet! I am glad to hear you enjoy my blog. I have a lot of fun working on it. And actually, while I am not actually on and watching the writing community of Tumblr as much as I could be there are definitely some standouts who I’ve come to really adore. 

I likely would not have met anyone if I hadn’t joined @mcubed35‘s Writeblr Connects slack group. That experience kind of opened up my eyes just to who is out there and gave me a reason to get to meet a few other bloggers out there. It’s really a fantastic group. There are so many great and welcoming people and already I follow more than a few of their blogs. Vast majority of the writers on there do heavily blog about writing and the writing process, like me. I won’t name names here if only because I wouldn’t want to miss or accidentally exclude anyone. A full list of slack group members can be found on @writeblrconnections

It’s come to my attention lately that some people turn to my blog as an advice blog – and that’s kind of funny to me. I write and I read a lot, so maybe sometimes I can help give an answer here or there. Sure, yeah, I answer a lot of questions, but generally if I didn’t have a question to answer, I’d be posting something like “my favorite book this month” or “ten podcasts that are great for writers” or a generalized rant about how I never have time to write on weekends. You can keep sending questions in, I’ll still answer them. But when I’m not, I’ll be writing the kinds of posts I tend to write anyway – the stuff that I care about in my writing life. There are writing resource blogs like @writing-questions-answered@writingwithcolor, @nimblesnotebook, and @clevergirlhelps. They all tend to carry the researched answers to things I myself will end up looking up from time to time – stuff I’d never ever claim to be an expert in and could be useful and entirely relevant to know. 

I also love love love good writing prompt blogs. My favorites are @awesomewritingprompts and @deepwaterwritingprompts, though I also do follow the “writing prompts” tag which I like too. There are tons of great prompts out there. Then, off-Tumblr, I am always watching Jane Friedman’s site, Well-Storied, Language is a Virus, and Terrible Minds.

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