On Writing about Power

Anonymous asked: “What are some ways that a person could get into a position of political power?”

Let’s not get into today’s politics, please. We’re going to be objective here. So, I love books that talk about power and how people come into power, for instance, Lord of the Flies by William Golding. 

There you see both people who come into power through popularity and then also, separately people who come into power because of fear. I think that these two ways are probably the most important. Both are “elected” in a sense, but one becomes popular because of fears and the other because of likability and good goals. In both these instances, the popular voice of the people will be behind the leader. 

Someone can take power also by force – not elected. In this case, the people will likely not support the leader, but there must be some kind of fear or threat that is preventing war or an uprising. There might be more ways, but really these are the few that come to mind. 

If anyone can think of more, I welcomed the comments! 

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