First Lines


If you know me well, you know I never have just one project going at a time. At the moment, I have three I can share a few opening lines of.  

First, the project I’ve been calling Dark Constellations. It’s a working title and I likely won’t keep it. It’s my longer on-going project. I spend most of my time and energy there. Then, Sleepless, another working title I likely won’t keep. Even these first lines at the moment are highly subject to change. Last, Ghost Story. This is very much a working title. It’s actually a collaboration I’m currently working on – I can never handle more than two novel at a time unless it’s a collaboration. This one I’m working on with my friend and occasional guest writer, Natalie. 

Dark Constellations 

“We are a dying breed,” my grandmother said as she puckered her lips for a cigarette. “The last stand against the end of an era.”


On warm summer nights, Willow Place slept with open windows. 

Ghost Story

One thing they never tell you at the conventions, when you’re sitting late at night at the hotel bar next to other industry big-shots – Arnoldo Robespierre of the International Ghost Investigation Team (IGIT), Carrie Michaelhaugh the famed Seattle medium, and Fabien McCue of the Spectre Institute – is that no one is ever really searching for the thing they first set out for. We all entered into the industry starry-eyed wannabe Fox Mulders, wanting to believe, searching for proof in something beyond what we already know. Now, though, we all look a little too exhausted. There are bags under our eyes. We don’t sleep anymore and it’s not from too many things going bump in the night.

I was tagged by @dancingdarkling​ and @mcubed35​. I am ridiculously behind on the tag games, but since so many of these are writing-focused and wonderful, I’ve got to catch up. I’m currently still on vacation. It’s a rainy day on the lake so we’re all tucked cozy in a cabin with mugs of tea and coffee – good writing weather. I’ll catch up more on the tag games once I’m home.  

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