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Anonymous asked: “Are you accepting submissions for your 30 day prompts?”

The 30 Prompts in 30 Days Challenge that I’m running with @idea-garden is not currently open for submissions. I’m kind of new to the whole writing prompt thing. I don’t write them all that often, though I think they’re helpful and fun. I had a really good time collaborating on these. With that said, there are other places definitely looking…

Idea Garden

While Lizard is Writing isn’t much of a prompt blog, my co-collaborator in 30 Prompts in 30 Days is always very much open for submissions. For those of you who haven’t met Idea Garden, this blog is a proudly NSFW writing prompt blog with a particular specialty for sex-themed prompts. Idea Garden carries a wide range of prompts outside of this niche, though it is a particularly supportive and safe outlet for the more risqué. 

Personally, I think Idea Garden’s prompts are a lot of fun. They do tend to be a little on the explicit-side and might not always be suitable for the under 18 crowd. They are especially great for writers of romance, erotica/smut, humor, chick lit, contemporary fiction, and fan fiction. There are some for genres even beyond those listed as well. 

Here is a link to the Idea Garden submission page.

Writeblr Connects’ NaNoWriMo Writing Season

Then also I should mention another that is currently seeking submissions is Writeblr Connects  (@writeblrconnections) for their upcoming NaNoWriMo season. This season has a full calendar of events including live write-ins, daily writing prompts, and even a “Plot-line Hotline” on Friday nights for writers in a pinch. The fun will begin October 1st and go right up until the last day of November, if not slightly past that. I can’t wait! 

There will be daily writing prompts all through October and November and so they are collecting submissions now. Here they accept prompts for any genre or topic, though it is for all-ages so keep it safe for work, please! 

Here is a link to a submission form.

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