Microreview: Bookshelves

Microreview rules: This round is open to interpretation, so don’t let the word bookshelves stop you. Whether your collection is big or small, physical or digital, your parents’ or from the library, it counts as a bookshelf here. To play: answer the prompts and tag your friends to do the same.

So, here’s some photographs of my actual, real-life bookshelves. Fair warning: they are messy


Q: What genres or types of books dominate your shelf? 

It’s mostly literary fiction, classics, and short story collections. Each self though is over-loaded, so there’s a row of books behind the ones visible in pictures. At one point it was organized alphabetically. 

Q: What do you wish you had more of?

Shelves mostly. It can be so hard to find anything lately. As for books though, I really get into certain authors. On my shelves, you’ll see multiple books by writers I love. I get really obsessed with the way they write and end up reading a lot by them. My wish-list: The Real Life of Sebastian Knight by Nabokov, Nine Stories by Salinger, and The Hamlet by Faulkner. 

Q: Smallest book? 

We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. It’s one of my favorites. 

Q: Largest book?

Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee and The House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski are both very long and large. 

Q: Oldest book?

Poets of the 19th Century is the ancient volume pictured. It’s from 1872. I have one book that’s older than that on my selves (not pictured) – it’s kept actually in a little plastic bag because the leather’s so old it stains everything it touches. 

Q: Newest book?

An autographed copy of Hook’s Tale by John Leonard Pielmeier – it came in the mail yesterday. (Not pictured).

Q: Does anything live there besides books?

Journals, prized autographed Goosebump books, redundant bookends, a few crocheted stuffed animals (not pictured), it’s mostly books though on my bookshelves, there is less and less room for anything else! 


I was tagged by the fantastic @doctor-q – I loved seeing your backpack “bookshelves” – I’ll refrain from tagging anyone today, if only because I feel like I’ve tagged people in things recently. If anyone else wants to show me their bookshelves, feel welcome to take these questions and share your bookshelf photographs with me!

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