30 Prompts in 30 Days with @lizard-is-writing and @idea-garden

Day 17: The cold metal burned my searing skin. I couldn’t make out anything that was happening with the thick blindfold shielding my vision. A voice broke the excruciating silence, “If you’re scared now, just wait.”

For those of you who haven’t yet met us, Idea Garden is a proudly NSFW writing prompt blog with a particular specialty for sex-themed prompts. Idea Garden carries a wide range of prompts outside of this niche, though it is a particularly supportive and safe outlet for the more risqué.

Lizard is Writing is a blog on writing process and craft discussion, run by the book-loving Lizard. It’s safe for work and often focused on reflection and thoughts on technique, often citing examples in literature or from Lizard’s own personal experience.

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