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So this was just about writing habits – I don’t know maybe I’m missing something. Someone please tell me if I am! I’ll just talk about what kind of things show up in the actual content of what I write a lot, the things I habitually return to thematically or otherwise again and again while writing. 

One thing I’ve noticed about my writing is that there’s always some form of magic – and I don’t mean that I’m writing fantasy or even anything that might fit within the genre. Even in realistic fiction that I write there’s an element of, I guess, the fantastic. A lot of times there’s a lens in which the characters view the world and suddenly that’s how the reader has to view the world too. Even if there’s no magic, there might be a talking fish or ghosts or demons. My characters tend to be what I’d call “believers.” Their reality is a bit more whimsical, though still, I’d say, very well within the realm of our reality. 

My writing too will go through moods. I’ll get this one idea stuck in my head and I’ll keep writing about it until I get tired of it. I’ve been told sometimes this is painful to see in my writing, especially when what I’m interested is strange – a few months ago, I wrote several short stories about fish. In one, I was so stuck on this fish idea that all of the human, non-fish characters began acting like fish, talking about fish, drinking like one, and so on. I’ve done that a few times, before that it was werewolves and now everyone’s glad that phase is over. Everything was a werewolf. An editor actually wrote to me and asked for something non-werewolf once. Embarrassing. Now, it’s unrequited love stories that I’m fascinated by which is so much more vague and a lot less obnoxious to read about. Not all of them are quite even love stories, but that’s fine by me.

If there’s any common thread that runs through my work, I’d say it’s probably related to the quote (perhaps said by David Foster Wallace), “Every love story is a ghost story.” Though my thoughts on it might not be the same as DFW’s, it’s definitely a phrase that comes to mind a lot while writing. 

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