You’re Not Too Lazy to Write

Anonymous asked: “Any advice on not to procrastinate and not become lazy to write? I end up taking longer days to write out my story when I don’t feel the mood.”

I know it sounds ridiculous, but in my experience, writing every day is the best way to combat that. Don’t force yourself to write a ton. Just write a little. A page maybe if you can – a few hundred words.

And when I say every day, I mean most days of the week, not actually every day. I like to do 5 out of 7 days. I don’t take the weekend off, the two days off I try not to have right in a row. I use those days for visiting my grandparents and maybe some other night I’m just dead-tired. 

Someone told me once to treat my writing like a gym membership. If you do it most days of the week, you’re golden. Every day is hard and really it’s not sustainable- when you stop for a day, you feel like you’ve fallen off then bandwagon. Writing most days is sustainable. Keeping expectations for yourself pretty low is also a good habit. I just try to write maybe a bit of a scene every day – the bar isn’t high. It’s part of a scene, not the whole scene, I’m proud if I can bang out a whole scene, but if I don’t, no disappointment, I still was writing, I still did good. 

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