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Anonymous asked: “I’m curious – how I could possibly partake in your author interview?”

Easy. Contact me. I’ll have more on just how to do that later in the post but I first want to say that I have been so excited about this series of writer interviews where I’m given sit down and really talk to a writer intensively about their writing, their process, inspiration, and craft. 

I could not have been more honored to have had the chance to interview the few writers I’ve been able to chat with so far and that this series will become a way to really help connect and bring together the community of writers I already know, along with those I haven’t met yet. 

Now I am more than happy to interview anyone who would look to share their creative process and talk about writing in their lives (as well as promote their work wherever it may be found). I do take these interview seriously and do intend to talk with you as the writer and the person – I do request your name or pen name and an author headshot. While I do have a standard set of questions, each interview will be treated uniquely, considering what you write and what your aspirations are. 

If you are interested in joining in this series, please message me over Tumblr’s private messages or email me at LizardisWritingBlog@gmail.com. 

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