On Writing a Confession of Love


@geekynicki​ asked: “So I was wondering if you could give some tips on how to write a love confession?”

I first want to apologize to @geekynicki for taking forever to get this post out because it’s such a great question. The thing that I can thing of that would make this kind of scene initially challenging is the temptation to just spew out everything you want to hear. 

Or maybe you don’t want to hear it, but a confession of love can easily turn sappy and saturated and over the top without too much effort. The thing that tends to happen when you’re struggling to get it right is that your characters start talking like a love interest in a ‘90′s rom-com and not like themselves! 

It might mean reigning it in. Don’t go too far, just start thinking, what would this character say? If that character is sappy then it’s fine. They can say sappy things, but maybe the person they’re talking to is not sappy and responds with a hard-edge. It’s going to be a matter of what is believable. When I say believable, I don’t mean that some great big grandiose confession is unrealistic or anything like that, but that you need to be able to convince yourself that this is what happened. 

Someone told me recently that all fiction is a lie and when you write it you need to be writing it in a way that makes you buy into it. It’s your job to make it feel not just plausible but like of course, that’s what happened. That’s the feeling we’re working towards. So, take a hard look at your characters. Know them and know them well and then think, what would they say to each other? 

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