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    Turning a Scene into a Novel

    “Hey Lizard! So I have an idea for a story, but it’s only one scene. I have no idea where to go with it or how to flesh it out into a longer idea. Can you help please?” Frankenstein by Mary Shelley started out as one very spooky scene that Shelley first imagined on a surprisingly chilly summer’s evening to scare her literary friends. Though getting from just one cool scene to an entire book is not without its challenges. First: Save that cool scene in a folder and don’t touch it. Make a copy of it that you can work with. Even if you change it, it’s not gone.…

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    Why is My Novel Taking So Long to Write?

    “Hi Lizard! I’ve been working on a novel for years now, and it’s still not getting anywhere. I’m stuck with the ideas I had when I started, and also the lack of focus and plot I had then. I still want to tell this story, but I’m finding it difficult to get out of a cycle of planning and editing and re-planning and re-editing. Should I give up on this completely? Should I start again from scratch? I’m really not sure what to do!”

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    The Art of the Draft

    Because writing is writing is writing is writing! When you first make that enormously huge decision that you are going to write a novel, you’re not really just writing a novel. You’re committing to drafts, edits, multiple revisions and eventually, a finished novel.