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    Writing is Rewriting: How Rewriting Can Better Your Craft

    Revision has got to be, at least for me, the most cringeworthy part of writing just about anything. I get to the end of a first draft and I look back over the great, wide mess of the thing I just wrote and I don’t want to do it. I think well, maybe the next new story will be better from the beginning, but that’s not logic. That’s not really how writing works.

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    Writing More than One Plot Line

    “How many plot lines are too many?” I don’t think there’s a definitive answer here. There are some books that thrive on having such a narrow focus, showing one character grappling with one central conflict, while others are busier, lots of characters lots of conflicts and that’s great too. I think it all comes back to one question, “what is this book trying to accomplish?”

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    The Target Audience Question: Who is Your Story For?

    “Hey Lizard. The main characters in my book are a trio of girls. I’m afraid that some male readers might be turned off by this. Should I add a guy to the group? Or what can I do to make guys more likely to take interest in my book? I’m just afraid of my book seeming like it was targeted at females, which isn’t the case.”

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    The Art of the Draft

    Because writing is writing is writing is writing! When you first make that enormously huge decision that you are going to write a novel, you’re not really just writing a novel. You’re committing to drafts, edits, multiple revisions and eventually, a finished novel.