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    How to Sit Down and Write

    “Hey Lizard. I have so many ideas. I get inspiration from practically everything, but I can’t seem to write anything. I have this idea that I really want to write, but I don’t have the motivation to actively sit down and write it all out. Any tips to finally getting that very much needed motivation?”

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    On Writing Multiple Points of View

    “Hi Lizard! I have an idea for a writing piece I want to do. I have characters, a majority of the plot, and a brief outline of the ending. The only thing is, I don’t know how to begin in a way that isn’t overwhelming to the reader. I have a bunch of different characters who all need to be in the same place at the same time. I don’t know how to write in multiple perspectives in a way that doesn’t drag on or go too quickly. Any advice?”

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    Real Writers Have Day Jobs

    ”My parents always urged me not to become a writer. “Oh but, you need something that brings food on the table,” “I won’t be paying your bills,” “No one guarantees your success” stuff like that. I’m 18, about to enroll to uni for a degree I kinda sorta like and see myself liking more in the future. But I still want to write. And my parents’ patronizing always stops me, even if they aren’t there, I can’t develop a story further because I feel like I’m not good enough. I truly just want to write. Help.”

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    Finding Ideas that Stick

    Anonymous asked: “Hi Lizard! I’ve always wanted to write a book, but whenever I try to write, all my stories feel the same, and all my characters feel flat. I quickly quit stories, also, losing my interest on them in a matter of hours. Could you give me some advice so that I won’t have to sell my soul to the dark overlords in order to write a single paragraph?” Writing is a process. No book is ever going to be just a matter of sitting down and writing it out in one shot. It’s drafting, redrafting, intense editing, often huge various changes along the way and ultimately then you get…

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    Writing a Dialogue-Heavy Scene

    magicallynormal asked: “Hi Lizard, I was wondering, what do you do when everything you write feels disjointed? I have trouble working in dialogue and description and emotions and when I try, it feels like I’m just trying to connect things with with a few extra words in between.” Oh, I’ve been there I practically live there. But really, that is a very familiar feeling for me. I start with dialogue and can just get carried away in the conversation and lose track of the rest of the scene. It’s a natural thing I think actually.  In general, I think if you’re great with dialogue, you just have an ear for it.…

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    Writers, Know Your Stuff

    Anonymous asked: “Hey Lizard, now I know there is a lot of frustration and anger towards incorrect hospital and emergency procedures and I was wondering if you had any tips about it or any do’s and don’t’s?” I love to read. That’s not really a secret, but one of the reasons I love reading is because I love to learn new things. Even in fiction, you can constantly be learning new things about the world around you. You can learn about different industries and occupations, about different time periods, historical events, and so on. I always assume that whatever I’m reading is true, or that the things that seem plausible…

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    When You Hate Your Novel

    Anonymous asked: “Hi Lizard! I have a huge problem: in the middle of my first draft I’ve realized that there are parts of my story I don’t feel passionate about, or just don’t work, and I would need to go back and change it all and start over again. The point is that I feel like a failure leaving the first draft unfinished and starting from scratch. What should I do?” So it’s kind of a funny thing. This morning a friend of mine asked me if she should put aside her novel to work on another one. It’s never an easy decision to put a novel aside for later, but…