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    Refocus on Writing Now: Overcoming Creative Burnouts

    As artists, sometimes we just burn out. Think writer’s block, but it’s more than just writer’s block. Like not a block, but an enormous brick wall. An exhausting creative rut. I’ve heard someone refer to it as an “Art School Hangover.” It’s a sudden crash that often comes after an intensely heightened period of creativity.  But now, I want to talk about getting past it.

  • Plot

    Crafting Conflict: Man vs. Self

    “Hi Lizard. How do I write a man vs. self style story that is not one hundred percent woe is me? Something tragic happens to my protagonist and I’m trying not to write hundreds of pages of them moaning on about it.”

  • Writer's Block,  Writing Life

    How to Sit Down and Write

    “Hey Lizard. I have so many ideas. I get inspiration from practically everything, but I can’t seem to write anything. I have this idea that I really want to write, but I don’t have the motivation to actively sit down and write it all out. Any tips to finally getting that very much needed motivation?”

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    Best Friend, Worst Critic

    “Hi! I am a perfectionist and always thinking about what people would like. So sometimes I send stories to my close friend and ask her opinion or just ask to read it. Last time she didn’t write back to me. Nothing. I feel I can’t write. I am just looking the empty word page. And after if I can’t write anything good, I feel depressed. What do you think about it? Can you help me somehow?”

  • Book Recommendations,  Fantasy

    Writing with Diversity in Fantasy

    “I’m annoyed with fantasy media’s lack of diversity sometimes. I am striving to include a colorful cast of characters in my writing. Including members of the LGBTQ community, people with mental disorders, a large range of religions, cultures, ethnicities, and ages. I like writing such a wildly diverse cast, but sometimes I feel like I’m trying too hard to make every character “special.” Or that my decisions are not realistic. Do you have any tips on this topic?”

  • Point of View

    On Writing Multiple Points of View

    “Hi Lizard! I have an idea for a writing piece I want to do. I have characters, a majority of the plot, and a brief outline of the ending. The only thing is, I don’t know how to begin in a way that isn’t overwhelming to the reader. I have a bunch of different characters who all need to be in the same place at the same time. I don’t know how to write in multiple perspectives in a way that doesn’t drag on or go too quickly. Any advice?”

  • Writing Life

    Real Writers Have Day Jobs

    ”My parents always urged me not to become a writer. “Oh but, you need something that brings food on the table,” “I won’t be paying your bills,” “No one guarantees your success” stuff like that. I’m 18, about to enroll to uni for a degree I kinda sorta like and see myself liking more in the future. But I still want to write. And my parents’ patronizing always stops me, even if they aren’t there, I can’t develop a story further because I feel like I’m not good enough. I truly just want to write. Help.”